Beyonce Fanfiction

Your Eyes, My Nudity

Nudity Cover

Beyonce is a 16-year-old homeschool girl entering her first year in college. There she falls in love with her college professor, and begins a life journey into womanhood that will have twists and turns that you will not see coming.

Starring Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, M.I.A., T.I., Chris Martin, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Nicki Minaj, and others

Word Count: Around 270k

Several years has passed since the ending of Your Eyes, My Nudity. Beyonce is married and is a teacher at a poorly ran school.

While Nudity was fun and more lighthearted, Poetry explores more serious themes such as sex abuse and and divorce.
Word Count: Around 220k

It’s been over 15 years since Nudity, and while Beyonce has established her life, she is still missing out on love. The love triangle that was never truly explored in Nudity or Poetry is the focus here.

All of the themes of the first two novels will come full circle in this explosive finale to the series.

Word Count: Around 100,000k

The Life and Times of Shawn Carter

This story is from Jay-Z’s point of view and chronicles his rise through the drug game and the rap game. It also follows him on his journey to be loved by a woman.

Most of the events from the story come directly from his music (or is inspired by the music.) Lots of sex, drugs, and violence. Urban Lit for sure.

Word Count: Around 200k,

*This story is in unedited form. Lots of typos and grammar problems.

A Dance With The Devil

Dance With The Devil is a 45-chapter tale told from the perspective of seven characters. ADWTDfin2After a series of disagreements, Jay and Kanye, owners of a popular strip club, have a falling out. The fallout puts friend against friend, lover against lover. And culminates into the major characters planning a $20 million heist. Each chapter is a piece to the puzzle. Each characters plight and character flaws play a part in what comes at the end.

How I Kept Your Mother


Ten episodes of crazy stories involving Beyonce and Jay-Z, with cameo appearances from people like Nas, Kanye West, Solange, Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and others.



  1. Well this is awesome. I have never been captivated in reading. I just started this morning and well am in chapter 12. I love the fact that all my favorite celebs are fictional characters and play different roles from what they really are. I am a soooooo biiigggg Beyoncé Stan! And this Love I get fr her can sometimes turn erotical , I admit it and here, it just fulfil so many of my fantasies on that woman just by reading! I would give anything fr this book to actualy turn to a movie , it would be fuckin interesting. Like really I will like to meet the author of this Awesome Book. I really is so captivated. Can’t stop reading. I think when I’ll finish this imma start back over. I appreciate the fact Bey and Riri are good friends in here lol I love them both together and the fact Nicki is still Barbie Bitch , maan ur story is on point!! This book is the shit! Let u have credit fr ur work , promise I’ll make this turn. Wow

  2. Destiny Monyae · · Reply

    You should make a choice spin off story where Bey and Rih get together….OMG!!!! THEY ARE SO FUCKING HOT TOGETHER <<<<<<<<<3333333

  3. Can you make a fanfiction about blue ivy when she’s a teenager? I been looking for one, but I can’t find any. And your a great writer I would read your! Every up date!😄😃😀😍

  4. I love your stories. Thanks for allowing us to read them. Do you ever plan on writing another fan fiction story with Beyoncé and Jay z?

  5. Would you ever to a Beyonce/Nicki pairing? Ever since hearing the Flawless Remix ft. Nicki Minaj, I have been obsessed with the idea. They have some unexplored sexual chemistry. ;D

    1. I definitely agree,BUT I think just a Beyonce and rihanna one would be fantastic. Ive read all three stories over and over and over again and it juss seems to me that rih and bey were support to end up with eachother . yeah carter and bey will always have that bond that would make what ever relationship they COULD have had enivitable but rih and bet met by pure destiny,they are the true definition of sole mates and rihanna way wrong when she said at the end of your eyes my nudity when she wrote that not to buy that said sole mates dont mean lovers. She was remarkably wrong on all accounts. They should have ended up together.

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